Snake Oil in Washington

In the run-up to the presidential election of 1896, the famous Democratic orator William Jennings Bryan progressively reduced his radical social program down to one campaign point: Government money hand-outs for everyone through free silver. “You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold!”

The equally famous manager of the Republican Party, Mark Hanna, said of this Democratic reduction to one campaign plank, “Now we have them where we want them.” And McKinley won.

At some point, reasonable moderates of either party — most people — realize that life is more complex than a single solve-all solution, and that’s because there isn’t a single cause-all problem. Life has many different problems, and they require many different solutions. And so when reasonable people hear drum-thumping rhetoric — “This here is the cure-all of life!” — they know they’re listening to a huckster, and hucksters aren’t fit to be president.

Fortunately the radical Democrats of today are unaware of this political fact of life. Having decided that the race card is effective with races, they’re using it on everything else as well. Not only is racism racist, it is even a public health threat! Climate change is racist, sexism is racist, Christianity is racist, the right answer in arithmetic is racist. Parents who help their children with their homework are racist — that’s because the family is racist, and parents who are called Mother and Father are racist. Pelosi has declared that to be so in her House. Hers must be a strange house indeed these days!

At this point we may expect that hard-working, intelligent, and balanced Democrats who unwittingly voted for the Biden socialist regime now occupying Washington — “Washington was a racist! Cancel any city or school with his name” — will recognize the danger of a political mania just as they did with Bryan. It’s fundamentally offensive to good American parents who help out their children to be called racist, and that if you’re white mothers and fathers, even having had your children is racist!

At that point there’s the election of 2022, and it can’t happen too soon. And then the socialist hucksters with the fix-all snake oil will be laughed away with scorn as was Bryan who ended his life in a monkey trial.




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