The Alinsky Plan

With so many members of Congress talking about defunding the police or fundamentally changing how we police, why are there no bills to defund or reform any of our federal law enforcement agencies?

The answer is very simple and illustrative. Elected Democrats have no problem with the police they control, they only have a problem with the police who work for you.

The radical leftist Democrats’ plan is to eliminate local police and then when crime runs rampant, to have you beg them for a solution. They have that solution just waiting in the wings. Nothing would make them happier than to deploy a federal police department.

Here’s how it works. Your local police department works for you. They have a connection to the community and an obligation to the people. A federal police force would have loyalties only to the bureaucracy that pays them. They could be ordered to do anything to you and they’d do it.

If you think things are bad with local police, just wait until you have people who have no roots or family in your city, given power to crush anyone who steps out of line.

It’s hard to imagine that a police department run by the DC swamp wouldn’t make the Stasi look like a Rotary Club.

If you have problems with your local police department, fix it. But you can’t fix the problems by making it so unpleasant for good officers to work, that they leave. Throwing loathing at the police is the most effective way of making sure only the bad ones stay, and that you’ll never recruit another good police officer.

The police have a difficult and sometimes thankless job. The last thing we need is idiot politicians making it harder. Any politician who talks about defunding the police is admitting they have failed you when it comes to law enforcement. Throw them out and elect someone who will fix it.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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