A lack of pride

The Lycoming County Libertarian Committee would like to go on record in strong support of the “Celebrate Pride Month” display at the James V. Brown Library in Williamsport and steadfast opposition of Commissioner Scott L Metzger’s request to take it down. “Kids at that age have no idea what this stuff is about,” said Lycoming County Commissioner Scott L Metzger in defense of his request. To that, we respond:

This seems to not only be an obtuse viewpoint toward the LBGTQ community but also displays a staggering lack of awareness as to what actually influences children (and adults) in a society. Every single day our children have exposures. We expose them to the best practices to walk across the street, we expose them to the proper means of acquiring goods in a purchase from an establishment, we expose them to how they should address other people in a conversation, and we expose them to our relationships. If that relationship happens to be straight, then that is what they are exposed to. If that relationship happens to be gay, then that is what they are exposed to. Bi, trans, poly, exposure to all of it only adds to life, liberty, and the human experience.

The reality is that “kids at that age” are exposed to life as it happens and exists around them in every facet. The issue here is not one of being concerned for our children’s wellbeing; the problem here is utilizing children as a veil for bigotry. This “think of the children” mentality is a smoke screen to allow those standing behind it to hide what they really want to say, which is simply “I don’t like that!” You’re not uncomfortable that a child is being exposed to society; you’re upset because you don’t like people who are LBGTQ and are hiding behind my children as a means to express that viewpoint.

Well, Commissioner Metzger, your preferences in life and religion have no place in what life itself allows to be exposed to our children. It is not your decision and certainly not something needing governmental regulation. You were elected by a majority in Lycoming County, but by no means does that give you the right or the privilege to belittle and demean the way others choose to live their lives, particularly those in the minority. Furthermore, it certainly doesn’t give you the right to utilize your position as an existing public employee, whose job it is to direct one of the fruitful treasures of civilized society (the library) to bend to your will and preferences. The purpose of an elected official is to ensure that the rights of the people they represent are not infringed upon, that includes all of the people, all of the rights, all of the time. Not just the ones you like, can manipulate, or align with your archaic ideals.

We at the Lycoming County Libertarian Committee ask two things of you. First that you step out from behind our children and stand on your own two feet in your opinion, second that you remember that your duty is to all of Lycoming County, not just the citizens with whom you agree. If you find yourself incapable of doing these two things, please excuse yourself as commissioner. There is no place left here for your veiled bigotry, and we’re tired of pretending there is at the expense of those we should be embracing in fellowship.

The Libertarian Party of Lycoming County promotes individual liberty for all residents of Lycoming County. The members are involved in volunteer activities throughout the community, and they work with local governments to ensure that laws and regulations conform to the state constitution. Their meetings are open to the public and are held the second Wednesday of every month.


Jersey Shore

Chairman, Lycoming County Libertarian Committee

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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