Covid vaccine

Americans are a good and trusting people, but have we evolved into a gullible society?

When COVID first came to our shores, the CDC said the main way the disease spreads is by having it on your hands and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth, which I still believe. We were told it didn’t spread through the air very easily and that you would have to be in close proximity to someone that had it while in a small enclosed space for several minutes.

We were told in those early days masks weren’t going to stop the spread, which make sense when you consider an infected person wearing a mask is going to touch his or her mask and then spread the virus via the surfaces they touched. We were told the virus could live on stainless steel for up to nine days! If you believed that, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.

Since last summer the rumor was that COVID testing was showing millions of false positives and sure enough a few days after Biden was sworn in the World Health Organization came out with a statement confirming that and urged labs to correct their testing methods. And what do you know, the numbers started coming down.

Now we are being shamed into getting an experimental shot that the FDA still hasn’t approved. A shot that causes myocarditis in young people for a disease that has a 99.997% recovery rate and 99.98% for people 20 to 49.

Why haven’t we been social distancing and wearing masks all these years for tuberculosis?

To me COVID is just a nasty chest cold and if you’re not a healthy person, take precautions. If you’re under 50 and in reasonably good health, why would you ever want to take a chance on an experimental vaccine? It may be 10 years before we see the real effects of this vaccine. Parents, please don’t jeopardize your children’s health with a vaccine that, in my opinion, they don’t need!



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