Hysteria on the right

Thursday’s Letters column had a number of ill-informed, slightly hysterical letters. One believes the Biden administration is releasing hordes of immigrant children so that they can be educated and get free health care. The purpose is to swell the ranks of Democratic voters. Considering the age of many of these children, it will be some time before this strategy bears fruit. As it is, non-white, non-rich citizens are already approaching a majority, hence the hysteria of someone who is very likely white and well-off. Republicans are not passing laws that will make it harder for her to vote.

The other two fall into the category of social safety net hysteria. We have the highest rate of infant and maternal mortality rates in the developed world. Because of the unevenness of our health care system, we have lower life expectancies than most countries. We need a much stronger social welfare system. The writer likens socialist to venomous snakes. He thinks God will “protect us.” Does he think that the Sermon on the Mount is a brief for capitalist individualism?

And the other believes that former President Obama, who is at best a solid centrist, “pulls the strings” for the Progressives in the Democratic Party, whom he calls “domestic terrorists.” The far right, specifically the anti-government, white supremacist movements, has provided us with most of the acts of domestic terrorism, in my opinion. He also thinks small businesses have been destroyed and unemployment encouraged by the stimulus packages. Unfortunately much of the monies administered by an ill-equipped Small Business Administration went to large businesses. And as for encouraging unemployment, like most people, the working poor would rather be working, and they deserve a living wage.

So how about less hysteria and more community? How about realizing the promises of democracy for a change?



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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