Issue is bigger than sex

It was with a saddened heart that I recently read in this newspaper the public library in Williamsport would be celebrating Gay Pride Month. It says a lot about our community and our culture that behavior deemed by so many Christians, Jews and Muslims as immoral should be celebrated by a community institution. Yet, I am sympathetic for those in the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Queer communities. Having been controlled by my sexual desires in the past, I frequently made bad choices by acting on them. It is a struggle for millions every day to put the lid on something as powerful as our sex drives. It’s a battle that must be fought and won.

But then, the issue is bigger than sex. We live in a Western culture that has struggled for decades, even centuries, with chasing after what is pleasing to us as individuals versus what is best for our society or, more importantly, what God knows is best for us individually and socially. Materialism has been around for a very long time. But the sexual revolution started only 60 or so years ago with its supporters advocating greater sexual freedom. Adultery became acceptable as did other forms of heterosex outside of marriage.

The battle over homosexuality was fought over a number of decades, at first quietly, then very publicly. It became socially acceptable within the past 10 or 20 years. Transgenderism was quickly added to the war and much more quickly became widely accepted. Polyamory will be next. And who knows what after that.

There is little doubt when the local library very publicly indicates its support for LGBTQ rights that the forces for individual “freedom” are winning and that those who are God followers are losing at this point in our history. But there will come a time when individuals collectively will see the emptiness in chasing after and satiating their individual desires.

The sexual revolution as well as the rampant consumerism that dominate Western Civilization will be exposed for what they are: empty and shallow movements that cannot make us happy except in a temporary and fleeting moment. God loves us all, but only those who are His disciples, those who reject what this world has to offer, can go to that deeper place in their souls to find true happiness.



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