Location is important to all of us especially if it is where we live. It is the most important value feature when we buy a home. That is why you hear the statement: location, location, location. If you are a sportsman in particular a fisherman and not a stoic type, Lycoming county offers you a world class location. Wow! What are we talking about here? You are a part of it: with some of the best trout streams in the world. Yes, we have good hunting, boating, canoeing, swimming; you name it, plus mountain views. If you need a cathartic boost, this location could be just the ticket.

Some creeks and runs I’ll mention from the top of my head are: Pine Creek, Penns Creek, Loyalsock and Lycoming Creek, Fishing Creek, Pleasant Stream and Rock Run, Little Women’s Creek, Mill Creek and Fishermen’s Paradise, Trout Run, Millers Run, Murray’s and Rogers Run, Upper Pine and Lower Pine Bottom, and don’t forget Little Pine Creek, all tributaries of the Susquehanna River. Fortunately, I’ve fished all of these streams which have their own character and offer an assortment of game fish.

Talk about blessed, we are. Most great fishing books mention one or a few of these streams. They are sprinkled into our history books also. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, when he came over to this area from England; marvelled at the views. In particular he mentioned the view of the Susquehanna Valley and Williamsport.

Just think about it; if you don’t live on a stream, creek or run, we can walk to one. Yes, the “greats” like the Yellowstone and Madison in Montana and Wyoming are hard to beat, but I’ll take our little guys around our area. What’s unique: we can walk to them.


Cogan Station


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