Shame on you Scott Metzger

On June 8, Scott Metzger took to Facebook to publicly call on the Lycoming County Library System to remove several children’s books on LGBTQ+ acceptance that had been displayed for PRIDE month. In his statement, Metzger felt it apropos to remind the library how much money the system receives from the county commissioners.

Mr. Metzger should be ashamed of himself for so many reasons. Let’s begin with the fact that our public libraries are not political entities, and to imply that a governmental body should withhold funding from a public library because you don’t like the materials is, in a word, reprehensible. A man who is so concerned about free speech and constitutional rights should understand this.

Next, let’s discuss why books like “Jacob is a Mermaid” and others are important. These books aren’t some secret, subliminal message designed to “turn” children gay or trans. These books are designed to teach children to grow up to be compassionate toward people who are different than them and to show kids who might be feeling like they are different and alone that they aren’t alone. Because whether or not you want to admit it, this is something that kids are dealing with. Perhaps the child themselves isn’t questioning their sexuality, but perhaps a parent, sibling, or family friend is. Are parents just supposed to pretend like it isn’t happening and leave kids to try to figure it out in their own?

People who identify as LGBTQ+ exist, Mr. Metzger. Kids who identify as LGBTQ+ exist. They don’t stop existing if you ban books or movies about them. All that does is create feelings of shame and loathing in our world.

In your statement, Mr. Metzger, you said “kids should be kids.” I agree with that, but part of being a kid is learning about a world bigger than the one around you. And if we can teach our children to be kinder and more compassionate toward each other, don’t we owe that each other?



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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