We Thought it Was Over

Well here we are yet again and sadly shootings and violence at the George Floyd memorial.

So much for peace and love, up to 30 gunshots sounded off. And yes George Floyd’s family received $29 million and $8 million from a Go Fund Me page. They met the President, and got the officer arrested, convicted and is probably in prison for the rest of his life.

The president promised reform, laws changed and the list goes on, and yet violence is worse now than it ever was.

What do these people really want, they want the freedom to riot, loot, steal, hurt innocent people and take over the country. A country they couldn’t run correctly if they tried.

As far as the President and the rest of the Democrats — this is the future of our country, I guess Trump wasn’t wrong after all.

Do the Democrats really have the innocent Black people’s lives at heart or are they bowing down to fear?



Old Lycoming Township


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