Where is our city government?

Has any one other than the Sun-Gazette city government reporter seen our Mayor? I have tried six times, from the time he was elected, to speak with this Mayor. I have gone to his office and spoke with his secretary and was told he was not in. I requested that he could just call me on the phone and I could provide the Mayor with the information that concerned public safety of the citizens of Williamsport. To this date, I have not heard any response from the Mayor.

Does the City of Williamsport have a Streets Department anymore? The taxes keep going up, while the city services become less visible. The city’s Streets Department has less personal, because of a lack of money, or as the city government will say, budgetary restraints. Isn’t that why we elect a city government? To ensure the services needed to have a city that is safe and clean? Apparently my perception is wrong! The City Council is not concerned that Williamsport is falling apart. The City of Williamsport Police Department is so understaffed, if the College did not provide police, to help our police, what would they do? Surely they could not do the job efficiently. City Council and the Mayor ignore, or refuse to accept the facts. You cannot expect one person to take up the work load that five should be doing.

The City of Williamsport Codes Department is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars, in my opinion. The hell of it is, it is not all their fault. It again falls at the feet of City Council and the Mayor. They pass ordinances that have no enforcement procedures that ensure they are followed. Instead they issue a 30-day warning to comply, then another 30-day warning. If it does not work, send another warning. Now send a certified letter to comply within 90 days, or we will take action. Now you have many hours involved in this action, lots of tax dollars spent to follow ordinances, which are willfully ignored. Now the city files liens that are meaningless, costing more taxpayer money.

Look at our recycling centers, they are a complete mess, not to mention a joke! In Williamsport, they have signs stating cameras are watching this area, violators will be prosecuted. Has anyone been prosecuted? Are there real cameras there? The city blames the county for the recycle area problems, the county blames the landfill, the landfill blames the people. The city usually cleans the trash, not the county. Show the videos of the violators, on the city’s website. Take them to court.

We as citizens of Williamsport need to hold our elected Government Officials accountable. They see these things going on, but do nothing. Some laugh about it at Council meeting. They send it to committee and it is gone. Talk is cheap is an old saying. In this case, our elected officials get paid to make it go away without doing anything.

The Sun-Gazette needs to report on these issues. I know that the city and county will resist by claiming the public has no right to know.

Double parking is getting worse in Williamsport. Shootings are on the increase. Our neighborhoods are being destroyed. Property values are being destroyed, and City Council and County Commissioners do nothing. Our judges are tough, they make courts for drugs, DUI, Military, and whatever they feel is needed, but never look at the real problems. Why?

Our city is being torn apart, while City Council and the Mayor do nothing!



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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