Conservative loop

Have you ever tried to argue with someone from the right of the political, especially the far right? It could be a liberal who is trying or an independent or even another conservative from the right. It is impossible to have an argument because they will argue in a loop.

I will explain, They will pick a subject, define the subject and argue against the definition they made. There is a variety of subjects they have done this with: Black Lives Matter, abortion, critical race theory, social media, vaccinations. These are just a small sample. Take Biden’s “door to door” vaccinations.

The Biden administration is concerned that there are still areas not getting the vaccinations even though they are available in these areas. They decided they would have health officials in those areas go door to door with information about the vaccines and how to get them.

Right wing media has defined it this way, the government is coming to force you to get the vaccine against your will. It doesn’t stop there. They are coming for your guns and Bibles too and taking your kids. They ignore what the initiative is, defined it their way and now are arguing against their definition. You will not convince them otherwise, in my opinion.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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