Cuba’s communist embargo

BLM tells us that the current Cuban demonstrations are caused by America. That’s true. America has been the cause of many freedom movements over the years. Think of Tiananman Square with its giant Statue of Liberty. And now the Cubans are waving American flags. But BLM also insists that America’s embargo has caused all of Cuba’s economic problems. That’s false. According to such well-known communists as the USSR’s Nikita Krushchev and BLM’s Patrisse Cullors, communism will bury capitalism with its vastly superior centrally planned production of splendid socialist goods. In other words, the Cuban embargo is actually a communist embargo of America by Cuba. It’s an embargo meant to deny America access to the astonishing consumer lifestyle of communist productivity, communist delivery, and communist reliability. In fact, Cuba has prevented America from enjoying the consumer happiness of state planning and central control for over a half century now. Of course, during that time the Soviet Union went bankrupt and liquidated itself because of too much socialist consumer felicity. And now Cuba’s farcical economy survives only on sugar produced on state plantations by slave-like state-enforced labor in a climate that, luckily for communism, doesn’t need central heating and which can’t pride central cooling.

This economic embarrassment called communism explains Biden’s inconsistency on immigration. South-of-the-border Latinos trucked to America by cartels are welcome with any excuse — “My husband yells at me, I’m afraid, I claim asylum!” — while democratic Cubans who are brutally beaten down in public by state police are denied political asylum by Biden even if they can escape by rowboat or canoe. We already know the south-of-the-border economies are absurd, and we know what political monstrosities they spawn, such as in Venezuela. But what Kamala, Bernie, and BLM are afraid of is that articulate Cubans will come to America in large numbers, that they’ll publicly witness and testify to the economic bankruptcy and political oppressions of communism just 90 miles from America, and they will vote Republican. Such open truth about “communist freedom” and “communist productivity” might reverse two generations of brain-washing which Americans have undergone in their public schools and their liberal arts colleges about the smiling gentleness and consumer affluence of communist happiness.




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