Today I read about the shortage of workers in various areas. I understand the shortage in wages in restaurants. The restauranteurs need to pay more than they do, in my opinion. Who can live on minimum wage? Caregivers don’t pay their workers the wages that they are due for the responsibilities they have. Getting anyone to work, much less the hours that are needed for each client.

Grocery stores have the same problem. Hospitals too, as far as I know. I remember spending three months in one nursing home where they had three people to cover 26 patients. Now how can you do everything needed for one patient let alone 26? I try to give as good as I get, asking for things to be done. It was next to impossible.

I understand that the unemployment office is giving out an extra $300 per week. I think that this is so unfair! When will the government wake up and make employers do what is right?




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