Went to buy a can of brown spray paint primer on Monday, there is evidently a shortage on spray paint. Wal-Mart and Lowe’s are almost out, selection is slim. Nobody wants to work, Biden paying them to stay home, and nothing is getting made.

How stupid can people be?

No electronic chips, so not many new cars which also means no trade-in for others to buy. Vehicle plants shutting down. Democrats think more money is the solution.

Unknown illegals enter through southern border but Americans left behind to Taliban.

Like I saw on TV a couple days ago, only took Biden and Democrats eight months to severely cripple the country.

Border crisis, inflation, high prices, shortages, Afghanistan withdrawal and deaths, 11 million unfilled jobs, COVID crisis.

He can’t put two words together without looking at cards in hand that tell him what to say. Ought to be in a home for aged. Right now on TV about new COVID mandates. He allows illegals across southern border with COVID and no shots and allows them to travel all over country, giving them free bus and plane tickets. They spread it all over the country.

The plan is to send them mostly to states that voted Republican so they can lock them down. Had to wear mask yesterday at eye doctor the whole time. Biden just set mandate for employers of 100 or more people get shots or get tested once a week.

Democrats have big dinners, concerts, and other big get togethers , but want everyone to have shots to go to stores, bars, restaurants, ball games, football games, concerts, etc. and 50,000 to 100,000 people died each year from flu and nothing was ever said. In my opinion, this is another flu and affects people with health problems more seriously.

So is life. Government wants total lockdown with people getting allowance from them so they can control population. They want to make us a socialist or communist country, take away your rights and freedom.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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