Dying in the Name of ‘Freedom’

To date, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Hawaii have all instituted the Crisis Standards of Care protocol for the hospitals in their state. Other states, such as Arizona, have had the protocol in place for a while–and many more are weighing this drastic option. This allows hospitals to make triage decisions about who will get care and resources, and who will not, when there are too many patients and not enough resources. The Covid crisis, and our anemic response to it, has put our health care system in a state of emergency.

This does not have to be our fate. There is a vaccine available, but too many choose not to vaccinate.

Why is that?


Republicans chose to use “freedom” from the vaccine as their battle cry. In my opinion, they will regret their decision to polarize their base and use insidious propaganda to make it “an act of freedom” to get sick, “an act of freedom” to infect others, “an act of freedom” to overwhelm hospitals and health care workers.

These health care workers, the same ones that many anti-vaxxers relied on in the past to heal them, are now at a breaking point because the unvaccinated have allowed Covid to run rampant.

Health care workers don’t need parades or pats on the back; they need people to get vaccinated.

In my opinion, the politicization of a national health crisis is a criminal act. Its legacy is not “freedom,” but economic decline, avoidable illness and unnecessary death.


State College

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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