Greenhouse Gas Vote

I find it quite cynical that you promote Yaw’s anger over the vote on collaborating with 11 Northeast States to address the Greenhouse effect. This is during a 500-year weather event just east of us, killing dozens of people. And on the 10th anniversary of our Flood of 2011. At that time our property on the Loyalsock, Plunketts Creek lost two cabins. Plus the 200-year-old Pence farm across the creek was completely washed away.

Your article did admit that Pennsylvania is the worst polluter of the consortium and has the most to do to stop pumping CO2 into the atmosphere. It seems that state Sen. Yaw was going to do everything he could to keep temperatures rising and major climate events coming more often.

If you are going to fault the Governor for going around legislators who seem to be owned by the polluters, at least don’t do it on the anniversary of such a great loss to Lycoming County.



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