Biden’s debacles

I would like to start this letter by stating something obvious: We would not have a crisis on our southern border or the travesty in Afghanistan if President Trump were in office.

We now have a president and vice president who, in my opinion, are corrupt, incompetent and were fraudulently elected and oblivious to what is happening. Biden spent his time pressuring Democrats to vote for his sham of an infrastructure bill. Harris went on a tour of Southeast Asia for whatever reason. Schumer is dancing in the street with a Trump-hating, unfunny late night talk show host.

It is very easy to see why Biden was given the nickname “Sleepy Joe.” He is asleep at the wheel while American soldiers and Afghans are being killed. This horror is due to the incompetence of Biden.

I’m not a military expert but even I know that you do not pull your troops out before you evacuate your people. Biden has given the Taliban Bagram and other air bases along with millions of dollars worth of military equipment, including many of our Black Hawk helicopters. Thousands of terrorists were released from these base prisons to fight us once again by the Taliban. Biden has “no regrets” for his inept decision to put the cart before the horse.

In my opinion Biden is making deals and relying on the good faith of terrorists who want to kill all Americans. You can only imagine the amount of money given to the Taliban along with all the military equipment they were given. Does this sound familiar? Biden must be getting his advice from Obama. I believe Obama was sympathetic to our enemies and was apologetic for the greatness of America — he was definitely an “America last President.”

On another note, we have chaos at our southern border. We are being overrun by murderers, rapists, drug pushers and gangs. Let’s not forget the thousands who are COVID-19 positive and being transported throughout the country, while our own citizens are under constant restrictions because of it. We also have Afghan refugees coming to the United States. Were they properly vetted and screened? Some were greeted with open arms. Has everyone gone insane?

All this is happening under Biden’s watch. I believe Biden and his regime should be removed from power and brought up on charges of treason against the United States. They have destroyed our country in just eight months of their reign, and I’m not sure that we can bring it back. It will not be possible under the present administration. They all have to go. They only think of themselves and their lust for power and control.

I ask all of you to write letters to your representatives in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate to put pressure on them to vote against this regime. Demand that they do what is best for our country and “We the People.” God bless America,


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