Death of a nation

Collectivists of the left — including the fascists of the left, avowed socialists and Marxists (Communists) within the Democratic Party and others who desire the complete demise of free-market capitalism — claim their “Build Back Better” agenda will cost us nothing. That sounds like the ignoramus who gets a credit card, goes to WalMart and Target, fills up several shopping carts and is shocked when the bills arrive. The Democrats claim the trillions of dollars they wish to spend are already paid for and will not be added to our ballooning national debt.

I believe the reality is we will see turbo-charged inflation resulting in massive price increases for everything — if you can find things on the shelves. This will be especially hurtful for the common man. Our children and grandchildren will be saddled with insurmountable debt. It may kill economic growth and productivity for generations.

Americans must realize that in the end the middle class will, as always, pay the tab — either directly or indirectly — for much of the social welfare and other insane spending these collectivist Democrats want. Why else would they push for doubling the number of IRS agents to check on anyone who makes a $600-or-more transaction from a bank account? I believe this alone will cost tens of billions of dollars. Big Brother wants his cut.

It’s nearly incomprehensible that fewer than a handful of Democrats in the House and Senate grasp the reality of the economic, social and other destruction the U.S. will suffer. This radical Marxist/socialist state they wish to impose upon us has great potential to destroy the greatest nation ever conceived or built by mankind.


South Williamsport


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