Voter suppression

The Republican-led legislatures in states where they have a majority are leading a campaign to suppress voting. Republican Governors are also leading this effort. Most people think that this suppression is aimed at people of color who tend to vote for Democratic candidates by making mail-in voting more difficult, removing drop boxes and decreasing the number of polling places will make it more inconvenient.

In my opinion, the real voter suppression by Republicans is actually affecting their own party! The statistics show very plainly that the states with the highest COVID-19 infections are states with Republican leadership. With the governors preventing schools from having mask mandates and legislatures passing laws preventing mask mandates, the pandemic will continue especially in “red states.” If my calculations are correct, by 2024 there will be 500,000 Republicans who will be unable to vote. Death is the ultimate voter suppression.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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