With $25 million, ask why

I read the article on the $25 million coming to Williamsport for COVID relief.

I also seen where city council members made comments on how they want the money used. One comment came from Liz Miele, council vice president. She wants bike lanes on city streets. I say, why? She needs to read up on state vehicle codes — bikes fall under that law.

Others want the city pool repaired. The city’s police want body cameras. I say, why?

As a taxpayer, I would like to see that money go towards the safety of citizens. Let’s start with the flood systems and then go to the firefighters and police for replacement of cruisers. I say no to body cameras and radios, it’s just trying to hide from people who have scanners and cellphones.

One thing to remember is you the voters put these people in these offices to lead this city. Now is the time to speak up or lose everything,




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