You don’t get to choose

Generally, The Sun-Gazette’s op ed writers are right of center although there are a few from the left as well. And the editorial policy, as reflected in the daily editorial, is generally on the conservative side. But not always, and I often find myself in sympathy with the editorials. But the October 5th editorial took me by surprise.

I wouldn’t have expected the policy of the Sun-Gazette to favor refusing to obey laws, Federal or otherwise, yet that is what this editorial advocates when the Lycoming County Commissioners and Lycoming County Sheriff Mark Lusk refuse to enforce gun laws and the Sun-Gazette editorial sanctions this.

Both the Commissioners and the Sheriff are in elected positions, so it isn’t surprising that they should take aggressive stands on gun laws. And this editorial claims that laws should only be obeyed if they are “measured and reasonable,” which are wiggle words if there ever were such. In a nation ruled by laws, not individuals, we don’t get to pick and choose the laws we obey or the laws elected or unelected officers of the peace enforce.

In effect, the Commissioners and the Sheriff are announcing their intention to disobey some kinds of gun laws, and the Sun-Gazette is just fine with that. Shame on you all!



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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