An open letter to state Rep. Wheeland

Funny how it goes, isn’t it? Telling us that you participated in a hearing on government transparency makes me want to believe you think so too. Well, we know better don’t we.

The state House and Senate, in my opinion, are the most non-transparent government body in the entire country, and sir, you are part of that.

Go ahead, be transparent about the multi- million dollar slush fund that you basically hide from your constituents. What’s it for? Why keep it under wraps? It’s our money — not yours.

Go ahead, be transparent about why this government body keeps delaying spending Federal COVID-19 relief money for the good of our state. Oh no, please don’t use it like Arizona does and penalize school districts that align themselves with child safety by ignoring mask mandates. I believe it’s a pity you think that strips parents’ rights about their children. What about those that are fine with masking and now risk getting sick by your foolishness — what about THEIR rights?

Finally, Gov. Tom Wolf giving 5 days paid off for getting a vaccine is good common sense, and not a waste of our state money. The costs will be the same, whether they sit at home, or sit in their office. And they will make a safer work environment.

Wake up and smell the roses, buddy. Do something.


Slate Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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