Noise pollution

Perhaps you’ve had the same experience I have. You’re ready to go for a walk in the neighborhood, enjoying the leaves and the sounds of the birds chirping when…rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, someone turns on their leaf blower. Somehow, that is a contagious disease because suddenly the next neighbor is out blowing leaves. And then another until your walk is invaded by constant, intense, ear-splitting noise. Perhaps, like me, even if you are in your house with all the windows and doors shut, the leaf blowers still are invasively loud. Often, they’re out there to blow 10 leaves. Sometimes it’s a lot but the next day, more leaves have fallen or blown back onto their lawns, and they’re back out there.

According to the CDC, the noise pollution caused by these leaf blowers can cause significant hearing loss over time so the person using it may have noise-cancelling headphones on but those walking or working in the house do not. This is a serious problem.

Some states and cities have banned leaf blowers for those reasons. That seems somewhat extreme to me but I’ve also read proposals for leaf blowers to be limited to certain days and times similar to burn times. Although it might be an inconvenience, it would be very beneficial to all of us, especially the younger children playing in the area. I hope Williamsport City Council will consider this, among others.



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