What can we do?

This letter is actually to every human being on this planet that we all call home — but I will start with Lycoming County for now because this is where this unspeakable tragedy I am writing about happened.

I live on Lycoming Creek Road in Hepburn Township. I awoke recently to news of local law enforcement and FBI uncovering the remains of two little girls over on Livermore Road. I was in shock, to say the least. As I looked into the story from my smartphone, I started to read the disturbing details.

Two girls, whose ages would be 8 and 11 today, had been missing from a home down the road from me since 2015. Currently there is a 7-year-old boy who remained with their mother and her partner until they were arrested.

My heart goes out to the little boy and what he must be going through. I can’t hold back the tears when I think about what could have been avoided. The trauma. The darkness. The hurt and sadness. It’s too much to dwell on.

Even though I understand in my 47 years on this plant that horrible things occur everyday, I can’t help but feel that “we” as a community let these children down. Neglected them even, maybe. I myself did not know this family, but they had neighbors. They had perhaps school officials, counselors, friends, etc. I don’t know. All I truly know for sure is that there is a need for help for some people that isn’t available because of a lack of resources. And I feel helpless.

There must be more as a community that we can do to help protect these children. Even if it’s just being aware and having the courage to pick up a phone, if nothing else. Or writing a letter asking people to come together and help come up with solutions to help people who truly need it. I don’t know if this tragedy could have been avoided, but I feel like there is too much complacency where there should be action. I’m willing to step up and do what I can. Are you?


Hepburn Township


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