Domestic terrorists

There is, in my opinion, a domestic terrorist regime in Washington D.C. who pose a greater threat of the downfall of our country than the Taliban or al-Qaeda. They are getting bolder every day. I believe they hate America and want to destroy our Constitution and our way of life with socialism. Their army is full of radical left-wing Democrats and “RINO” Republicans. Their commander-in-chief is a puppet who bows to their every whim. This army is commonly referred to as the Joe Biden Administration.

This regime wants to dominate your life in every way. They want total and absolute power and I believe will try to achieve their agenda in any corrupt way possible. One of the worst anti-American soldiers in this socialist army is Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. He is pushing to abolish the filibuster. The filibuster must remain in place!

This regime does not want voter ID. They want everyone to vote, especially in my opinion the illegal immigrants who are being flown from our southern border to cities across our great country to infiltrate our society, take your Social Security and ruin our economy. One of these “ghost flights” landed in Scranton under the cover of darkness on Christmas. These 100-plus illegal immigrants were put on buses and transported to who knows where. They could end up in your backyard. I’m sure they were not properly vetted, nor given any mask or vaccine mandates.

Please call or write your politicians and tell them to uphold the filibuster. I believe we need to devastate this socialist army in the mid-term 2022 elections.


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