Random acts of kindness

In early October I was driving home from work. All of sudden I got a feeling someone needed my help. Ahead of me was a truck on the side. I pulled over and told the guy I was there to help him. I used my cell phone flashlight to see if we could find his tire. We couldn’t do I tried to call for help but had no service. I told the man I would give a ride to where he is staying. He kept telling me he was wet (it was pouring rain) and he didn’t want to get my car wet. I told him I wasn’t leaving him there in the dark and pouring rain. He got in and told me his truck tire came off and some family members went to get help. I dropped him off at his RV and he told me “God bless you.”

The incident taught me not to judge other people and everyone needs help. As the New Year approaches instead of thinking about yourself think of other people. There is so much good that needs to be done. Raise awareness, see someone in nursing and hospitals, give blood or time to organizations. Happy New Years.



Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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