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In these times when many politicians are promoting division and confrontation instead of unity and cooperation, it is encouraging to see Republicans and Democrats working together to try and bridge the cultural and political divide that our country is facing. In the Jan. 12 edition, two articles highlighted the efforts of county commissioners to condemn an incident of racism and to investigate and dispel rumors of illegal immigrants working in our area.

I was especially impressed that commissioners went the extra mile by taking the time to talk to the business owner and the employment agency which provided the workers. They also investigated and discovered that some of these workers have been here for five years living in hotel rooms and addressed the question of how these valued employees could be assisted in obtaining more permanent residences in the community. They also pointed out that without these workers, businesses such as the meat-packing plant might be forced to relocate resulting in an economic loss for the community.

Migrant workers with legal work permits have long been the backbone of many agricultural industries. With the current shortage of workers, locally and nationally, to fill lower-paying service and manufacturing positions, it seems as if our government could help ease the immigration crisis, solve the labor shortage and boost our local economies by facilitating the process of matching those seeking to enter our country legally with employers.

Thank you, commissioners, for working together to combat false rumors and racism with truth and compassion. May God bless your efforts and may your tribe increase.


Cogan Station

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