Dependence on fossil fuels risky

If there is anything the Ukrainian conflict should teach us, it is that it is sheer folly for the world to continue depending on fossil fuels for energy.

No less a bastion of conservatism than our military strongly supports getting off fossil fuels.

A 2009 report prepared by 12 retired generals entitled: Powering America’s Defense: Energy and the Risks to National Security, stated that: “U.S. dependence on oil weakens international leverage, undermines foreign policy objectives, and entangles America with unstable or hostile regimes…U.S. dependence on fossil fuels undermines economic stability, which is critical to national security…Continuing our heavy reliance on these fuels is a security risk.”

The report summarizes: “The U.S. should not pursue energy options inconsistent with the national response to climate change.”

In contrast, nearly the entire Republican Party claims fossil fuels are our future. This lack of foresight, in my opinion, puts our country, and many others, in a precarious energy situation. But when the fossil fuel industry is your main campaign funder, what’s a politician to do?

European countries now realize they have to get off fossil fuels to free their country from the tyranny of countries that use energy as a weapon.

As our military makes clear, it is in our National interest to not only move our country to renewable energy as fast as possible, but to also help other countries make the transition.

I believe the Republican Party is the only impediment to us moving quickly to a clean energy future.



Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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