Elections make a difference

In 17 months the current government has brought us back to the days of the Great Depression and the recovery from a World War. Both were times when the republic was suffering from over spending and a lack of economic stability. The people, not the government, brought back the republic and made it the greatest nation on the planet.

Seventeen months ago the republic was energy independent and an exporter of oil, not an importer. The economy was booming, unemployment was at a low point especially in the Black community. The only problem was the appearance of a new and deadly virus. The outgoing administration took fast action to protect the people and a vaccine was rapidly being developed.

The incoming administration, in my opinion, used the virus to begin to destroy the republic. They shut down the country; isolated the citizenry; and held them hostage. The so called experts took steps to protect the people by mandating vaccinations, face masks and social distancing. To stop the spread of the virus among certain factions of the population, they isolated them in nursing homes, without proper medical care, resulting in thousands of deaths.

So, in 16 months the government has changed the makeup of the Republic. From being energy independent to depending on other countries for our oil, many of whom are our enemies. And, I believe, it has refused our oil companies to drill. Hence higher gas prices, meaning higher costs to get products to businesses and consumers. The ports are working at half-capacity because of mandates the workers refused to follow and were fired. Bottom line: the republic is shutting down because of the administration’s lack of leadership.

It is evident to John Q Citizen the republic is being led by an administration filled with inept people in positions of power, who are there with little or no background or experience. They are there mostly because it makes the government diverse and all inclusive.

I believe it is also evident that this administration is corrupt and should be prosecuted, but with the foxes guarding the hen house and a GOP that lacks the tenacity to take steps to expose the corruption, nothing will happen until the people vote in the mid-terms and in 2024. The GOP rationale is they do not have the votes to do anything. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try. At least their constituents will then know where their representatives and senators stand.


Salina, Kansas

Formerly of Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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