Illegal alien tax

Death and taxes are famously the two unavoidables of life. But whereas we can die only once, the number of taxes put on us can increase endlessly. For example, there’s the new inflation tax. That tax now reduces a household nominal income of $50,000 a year to less than $46,000. We all see that tax at the gas pump and in every store every day.

But there’s a new hidden tax too — the illegal alien tax.

We believe millions of aliens are illegally surging into the United States. Patriotic Americans are appalled at the rampant violation of our sovereignty, and radical Democrats are delighted because they’re facilitating the invasion. Fortunately the sovereign cost to America can be fixed at the next election by good citizens voting for legislators and governors who believe in secure borders and national integrity.

But what about the personal cost of illegal aliens? One calculation of the costs caused by them — for free education, free health care, subsidized or even free housing, food and energy hand-outs, transportation, policing, courts, jails, the list is almost endless — comes to a total of $134.9 billion a year as measured by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). This figure is slightly reduced by the $19 billion these illegals pay in taxes. But the remaining figure of $115.9 billion, when divided amongst America’s 123.6 million households, results in an annual illegal alien tax of almost $950 per household. And so the two new taxes on that $50,000 household are over $5,000 and over 10%, leaving less than $45,000 — and that’s before the other regular local, county, state, and federal taxes are taken out! And then there are other illegal alien costs. These aliens, unlike space aliens in movies, might steal your job, or rob and assault you. The emotional tax in being victimized criminally and economically by these illegals is, in our opinions, incalculable and lifelong.

If one doubts these costs consider this–in 2021 FAIR estimated that there were 15.5 million illegals in the U.S. of which 251,000 were in Pa. and 8,800 in the Scranton metro area. The Census Bureau estimates that 1.35 million entered under Biden’s watch. From this we conclude that “Joe Must Go”. Get the ball rolling in November with a Republican congress that will impeach him and his un-elected Marxist cabal!




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