Voter integrity

Well, thank you Sun-Gazette and Ms. Crossley for your coverage of the concerned citizens of Lycoming County who are concerned about voter integrity in their county. Many people have lost faith in our voting systems today. I am one of those people and I attended the meeting with Voter Services Director Forrest Lehman and the three county commissioners.

You started the article with a quote from Mr.Lehman where he states he didn’t believe anything presented here justifies recounting a two-year-old election.

Evidently, Mr. Lehman wasn’t listening. The volunteers, of which I was one, found an abundant amount of discrepancies and we only covered half of the addresses that were given to us by state voting information. We went out in the dead of winter through ice, snow and frigid weather to do our canvassing. But still we found anomalies in about 48% of voters.

The article failed to mention anything the volunteer group uncovered. I was one of those many volunteers that went out faithfully. We found people voted from houses that didn’t exist. We found a home where the man and woman both voted in person and the state only has a record of the man’s vote. We found people that were told they couldn’t vote because they already did. In at least three nursing home we found residents that said they didn’t vote in the 2020 election and according to the information provided by the state stated they voted in the 2020 November election. In the above mentioned cases there are sworn signed affidavits depicting their validity.

This is just a small sampling of what we uncovered. That justifies investigating the accuracy of the 2020 election, Mr. Lehman.

Attorney Karen DiSalvo also stated that the concerned citizens would like to see a question on the upcoming November ballot allowing the voters to vote on having paper ballots vs machines.

The reason I was there was because I care about my country and if we continue to allow what I believe are inaccurate voter rolls, faulty machines, undated mail-in ballots — we are in danger of losing out freedoms! It wasn’t about the candidate or the election – it was about POLITICAL IDEOLOGY! That’s why I was there!

And, Mr. Mussare, you stated “I don’t believe in some of the information that was given to us today” — What part was that? Do you mean what the concerned citizens gave you or what Voter Services gave you??

I agree with Commissioner Metzger when he said “When we see something that needs to be looked into, we will look into it. People must have faith in the system.” Thank you, commissioner.


Bastress Township

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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