His share of the credit

I would like to address two letters written to the Sun-Gazette.

The first letter had to do with 18-year-olds buying firearms. The letter was correct in saying that they couldn’t buy a drink at that age — I thank God that they can’t because they might end up being tomorrow’s alcoholics. But the letter stigmatizes all 18-year-olds as though they are going to go out and slaughter schoolchildren because of one sick homicidal maniac. Yes, they can’t go out to buy a drink but they can be put into wars with no choice but to kill or be killed. The military hands 18-year-olds firearms and teaches them how to kill other people they don’t know. I was sent to Vietnam at the ripe old age of 19 and back then, we couldn’t even vote.

You’ve got to think outside the box. How many 18-year-olds do you know that could do what this sick individual did? Yes, they should be able to buy a firearm, if they can be sent into combat then they have the right to buy a firearm.

The next letter that I would like to respond to claimed that Republicans don’t give Joe Biden enough credit for what he has accomplished. I’ll reply — yes, we do. We give him credit for leaving Americans behind enemy lines to fend for themselves and for leaving $86 billion worth of high-tech military equipment for terrorists to use against us. I believe he deserves credit for the 13 military heroes that were killed by a suicide bomber. He deserves credit for looking at his watch when they brought the caskets of the killed in action out, one at a time, like he had some place he had to be or maybe he was bored.

He deserves credit, in my opinion, for letting illegal aliens come across our southern border without checking for COVID-19 and all the other diseases they bring with them.

He deserves credit for illegal drugs coming here at a 300 percent increase since he came into office. He deserves credit for taking our energy independence and replacing it with oil bought from dictators. He deserves credit for high inflation and the outlandish cost of gas and the increases in food prices that leave some people unable to afford to eat. He deserves credit for giving illegal immigrants housing, food and medical attention while we have one out of every six children in this country going without food every day.

People can’t afford health insurance. How about all the homeless with no place to go but to sleep on the streets, and many have mental problems that also are ignored?

We do give him credit for what he has done to our country and this list today could go on.


Cogan Station


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