Unleashed dogs

We live in the second ward of Jersey Shore and love to walk our dogs in the morning. Recently while we were going to the trail where it starts at Seminary there was a dog off the leash. It is brown and over 100 pounds. This is the second time we’ve seen this unleashed dog. We had to turn around. Dogs are off the leash all over the second ward. Some just open their door and let them out. One of our dogs have been charged at and I had to pepper spray one twice.

This last incidence we were told by a police officer that it was our dog’s fault for barking and that we should take pictures. How can we take pictures when we are trying to protect ourselves and our pets?

We try to walk where it is safest but we have run out of places. No matter if pet owners say their dogs are friendly, they are animals and are unpredictable. I have a scanner and hear numerous calls in Williamsport for unleashed dogs and the police do their jobs, “To serve and protect.” We have talked with the borough manager and the police chief. They don’t seem to care about the second ward.

Remember this — we carry pepper spray and will use it if needed. PUT YOUR DOGS ON A LEASH!


Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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