Food banks

I have seen the editors’ message to us about the food banks. We are so fortunate to have The food banks in our city. There are a lot of people who need them so much. But two things: Why do the people helping out give so much of any one thing (like celery or squash for instance) to people who can’t possibly eat it all and some can’t even give it away!

And two, why can’t some of these people go out and get a job? Some people just love to work the system, get as much as they can and fool the rest of the people?

I’m not being picky, but no one ever gave my family anything when we could have used it. I, nor my husband’s have ever asked for help and I guess that is what you have to do today! But I see people who go to every food giveaway that comes down the pike and come home and buy the kiddies the most expensive shoes, clothes and electronics that are out there.

Just when will somebody get out there and stop the greed??



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