Pennsylvania’s patriots

There are more that 75 patriot groups in Pennsylvania now who are fighting to bring our commonwealth back to the founding principles of the Founding Fathers’ U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. We need to turn our commonwealth RED come November and fight back against the communist tyranny of the ‘fake’ presidency of Biden, or should I say Joebama because those who are awake — the patriots — know Barack Obama is running the presidency with his evil minions. Obama said he wanted to fundamentally transform the United State of America in his speech. This is his third term in the “basement” with Biden playing the front man not knowing what he is saying.

In my opinion, our military is becoming a ‘joke’ around the world! No one wants to be recruited any more and this is the reason if and when America is attacked by a hostile foreign power in the future, we will be destroyed and many will be taken into captivity. This administration is destroying us and the rest of the world knows it! The Russian and Chinese militaries are NOT woke! The strong militaries of the world do not fight for gay rights or push transgenderism on young children. I believe no one with any truth about God would be pushing this type of evil in our churches or synagogues. So many churches are falling away from God’s truth in the Bible and allowing gays and transgenders to lead the way in the pulpits.

The Patriots in our commonwealth know these things. We have a fight to win this one and bring our country back even if it is only temporary, as everyone knows we are living in the ‘end of the age’. God is still in charge, but He wants us to be a part of this fight as well. We have to do the right thing for our state. All of YOU out there need to work with us and help us.

You need to save Pennsylvania by voting in person this November to make your voice heard. No mail in ballots, please! We don’t want another Wolf but a man who is God-fearing and wants to bring our state back to the way it was in 1776, in 1865, in 1917 and in 1945 when there were REAL MEN who cared about this country. We the People need a Republican governor and then a Republican president. We need God back in our halls of congress, in our public schools, in our universities and in our hearts. We need to bring back God’s truths not man’s lies!

Anyone who can do this is a patriot. We need to take our country back. May God have mercy on us all and destroy this EVIL.



Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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