Politicians in robes

Our “Supreme” Court has become less judicial, more political. In my opinion, it became only too clear in its recent decision to ban abortions. Recent protests and chaos surrounding this decision are the result of judicial decision-making without laying out any reasoning. The Court is too often using its emergency, or “shadow” docket (a shortcut reserved for urgent matters). Chaos beckons.

Last year, President Biden appointed a Commission to study “reforms” to the Supreme Court, but nothing happened. Today, only 25% of voters “approve” of the Supreme Court, and that percentage is trending downward, quickly.

I believe there is a growing, and unsettling, feeling that the Court is not “legitimate”; that it is unrepresentative, unelected, and an illegitimate pawn of the “right.”

Congress continues to be uninterested in limiting the court’s jurisdiction, or limiting Justices’ life terms, or expanding the number of seats on the court.

Even the titles “Supreme” Court, and “Supreme Court Justice,” and their address: 1 1st St. NE Washington DC, imply an absolute power. We are feeling the effects of absolute power. It’s frightening.

What can we do? We’re not going to “storm” the Capital. We’re not going to surround the White House. We will VOTE.

Pennsylvania lifted Joe Biden to victory by one percentage point in 2020. Pennsylvania was, indeed, a “Keystone State.” Again, vote for Representatives who are committed to your values, through government “checks and balances,” to strengthen our democracy.


State College

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


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