Read your Bible

I encourage all American citizens in Lycoming County and beyond to read The Bible daily. Ask God for wisdom and understanding as you read. Commit yourself to reading at least seven verses morning and evening.

In my opinion, the Bible is the main founding document for our governing systems. It was directly (being 34% of the source quotes) relied upon and indirectly (via the writings and teachings of many people in whom the Founders quoted) and drawing upon their wisdom of Biblical precepts and model applications for law, order, society and education.

Whether you are a Christian or not, to fully comprehend our Founders and our constitutional government, a good understanding of Biblical precepts, morality and law; original documents along with their intended applications for justice, liberty, safety and the general welfare of American citizens as a nation, is required.

I believe the Founders were “Holy Rollers” by today’s standards, the difference, however; they were not flighty and were unwilling to compromise their faith to “keep the peace.” They would not agree to support unbiblical laws and would stand against and call out tyranny in every form and every stage!

When Christ, Who is The Light of The World, is removed from governance, education and the public square; Darkness, misery and death ensues; empowered by ignorance with evolution being its’ fuel to enslavement…calling evil good (or foolishness wisdom)…claiming to be above The Most High, yet having no control of their very next breath!



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