What goes up …

Don’t you just hate gravity? Gravity holds us down and keeps us from flying. Gravity imposes all kinds of rules on us that make life harder and less fun. Life would be so much better if we didn’t have to obey the law of gravity. Maybe we could get the Supreme Court to declare gravity unconstitutional and we’d be free of gravity’s tyranny.

Besides the obvious faults with gravity, the newest theories tell us that gravity doesn’t even exist. Well, that’s what they tell us the newest theories say, but, if true, what they really point out is that we never really understood gravity in the first place; something that most of us already knew.

No matter how much we want gravity to go away, no law passed by Congress or case decided by the Supreme Court, or even a declaration from some international body will make gravity go away. Gravity is just part of reality that you can’t change.

But if you correctly understand gravity, you know that gravity is to our eternal benefit. Without gravity, we would not exist; nothing would. Without the rules imposed on everything by gravity, there would be chaos. Gravity allows us to live lives with some amount of predictability and peace. If gravity were to abandon us for even a fraction of a second, all would be lost.

Now I want you to try a little exercise with me. Go back and reread this letter replacing gravity with God. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Did you finish? Isn’t science great?



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