We have witnessed thousands of Americans being killed by the COVID-19 virus, which I believe was man-made in China with monetary help from our own country. Many older Americans in nursing homes and baby boomers suffered the most casualties.

We now witness young Americans being killed by illegal drugs, especially fentanyl. These drugs are coming from China through Mexico into our country across our porous southern border. In my opinion we are sacrificing Americans to accommodate the illegal invasion.

We are witness to innocent people being killed on the streets of America by career criminals. These criminals should have been in jail if not for the George Soros-funded district attorneys who refuse to prosecute.

We are witnessing runaway inflation. The highest it has been in over 40 years. We are paying much higher prices for all commodities that affect our daily lives.

We have witnessed the debacle of Afghanistan. Americans and Afghan interpreters were left behind to be hunted and killed. Thirteen American military personnel were senselessly killed. Billions of dollars of military hardware were left behind for the terrorists to use against us.

We are witness to a Russian tyrant invading the country of Ukraine and killing innocent women and children. I believe the Biden regime is complicit in this killing by buying oil from Putin.This money will be used to supply the Russian army with armament and munitions.

We witnessed energy independence in this country until day one of the Biden regime taking office. Energy is power, and our country is becoming weaker by the day. Biden is running around begging our enemies to supply us with more oil when I believe we have unlimited resources under our feet. Why would Biden ever sell oil from our strategic supply and send it to China? Hunter?

We are witnessing farmers losing their farms due in large part to the high diesel fuel costs to operate their tractors and other farm equipment. The regime we have in power is already talking about food shortages. Gee, I wonder why? Truckers transporting goods across America are experiencing unprecedented diesel fuel prices. Many are losing their businesses and livelihoods.

All these atrocities are the fault of a weak and compromised president being led around by his far-left, socialist handlers.


Piatt Township


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