Whatever you believe

Whatever you believe, I hope you agree that, in this season of both hurt and hope, these holidays are meant for us all to recognize what we mean to each other.

No more so than now, when a disease threatens all of us while our best defense against it outside of science is each of us.

Do you get that?

Do you understand that, to wage a successful battle against this deadly virus, our hope for a bright future is directly tied to our mutual empathy … and decency?

Indeed, during this just passed Hanukkah and now Christmas and upcoming New Year holidays, many family and friends will sacrifice their time to be together and their beloved traditions in order to protect each other.

To truly love one another.

Is that not a sacrifice worth making?

Sure, it will be hard — especially for those who will be alone — but they will do it with a grateful heart, one that counts the blessings of the gift of love … of family and friends … of life.

And may I suggest that this season also should always be a time to remember those who gave you life … who nurtured your spirit, made and cleared the path for you.

For Christians, Christmas is about the incarnation of God.

It is a key, redemptive fact about Christmas.

Talk about being grateful, at this holiday, your community newspaper’s gift to you each and every day is our hard work.

We strive to do our best.

We’re not perfect for sure, and I want us to always be the first to admit that.

We humbly bring life to you — through our stories and photos and through your stories and photos.

We work to be a part of the bigger picture — the picture of healthy communities and families made possible by the everyday citizen and civic and public leaders who put others before themselves.

Like you, we want our colleagues to be safe from this virus and we’re making sacrifices and change to do that.

It has not been easy, but then again, life is not meant to be easy.

Author Robert Brault said, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

Happy belated Hanukkah.

Merry Christmas.

Peace, joy and Good Will to you and yours!

Robert O. Rolley Jr. is publisher of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette community newspaper.


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