Oh, Pennsylvania!

O’ Pennsylvania! Where do we go from here?

The year is new, yet the times remain uncertain and difficult.

O’ Pennsylvania! Where to do we go from here?

Sometimes we have to step back before we can move forward, so let us do so now at the outset of this new year.

Let us stand back, reflect for moment, and strip away all that consumed our thoughts, feelings, and actions last year.

Let us admit that perhaps more often than not, last year was driven by fear, malice, and partisan division.

Let us also be buoyed with 2020 memories that despite the prospect of death at every turn we gathered as citizens of our Commonwealth to lend a helping hand.

O’ Pennsylvania!

We are a diverse people with a unique heritage. With our expansive geography, individual wants, needs, and attitudes one might ask what could possibly bind us together?

Our shared future in which we as citizens strive to redouble our efforts in service to one another; where we resolve to once again be a spark of innovation and enterprise; and where we are relentless in our pursuit to create jobs for families, friends, and neighbors.

O Pennsylvania!

We will not allow the acrimony and tragedy of 2020 to stand in the way of our mission and calling for greatness. This is the year we will rise above petty self-serving acts and instead encourage each other with words of kindness and deeds of charity.

Yes, 2021 will be the year where we move forward with steely determination to grow Pennsylvania’s communities once again.

O’ Pennsylvania!

Where do we go from here? We march onward with the recognition and confidence that we are ready to embrace 2021 in humble service to our neighbors, our towns, and our Commonwealth.

Rob Wonderling, a former state senator from southeastern Pennsylvania, is president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.


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