Billboard along Route 49

There is a billboard-sized sign along Route 49 in Potter County, inside the town limits of Ulysses. It is a depiction of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a monster-devil. If one is driving along that public road, it is almost impossible to miss it. It basically slaps a person in the face.

To those of us who venerate Dr. King and the work he did in trying to heal the vast divisions in our country, it is shocking to see him portrayed in this manner. The owner of the land on which the billboard is located is being intentionally cruel and insulting, and is obviously doing so with impunity. He lives in an area that has a long-standing reputation for harboring white supremacists.

I realize the Bill of Rights guarantees a person’s right to free expression. However, I’m wondering if people traveling along Route 49 in northern Pennsylvania also have a right — the right to not be confronted by this blatant form of racism? How sad that a beautiful rural area in our great state allows such exhibits that can only serve to divide us.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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