Dedicated to the business of caring

Last March Evangelical Community Hospital activated its emergency command structure, declaring a pandemic. Since then, the staff have been nothing but dedicated to the business of caring for our community, both COVID-19 patients and others who found themselves needing care.

This gracious gesture of serving includes the hospital’s many physicians. They, along with physicians throughout the region, found themselves in new territory. It seems appropriate as we mark National Doctors’ Day today that we recognize their valiant efforts.

Physicians, backed by a strong support network of healthcare personnel, stepped up and stepped into areas that were not necessarily their “typical” area of work.

At Evangelical, we witnessed true teamwork at play. Emergency Room and primary care physicians became impromptu hospitalists; surgical, orthopaedic, gastroenterology, and OB/GYN advanced practitioners from across the organization gave their time to provide inpatient care; providers of all levels covered in units that were created just for the pandemic including a non-COVID-19 ICU, testing sites, and vaccination clinics. Everyone pulled together to do whatever they could to assist with the management of the increased number of patients needing care of all levels.

It has been said that difficult times bring out the best in people. That rings true for our physicians and really for all healthcare workers who persevered during a time of unprecedented medical need.

As we cautiously work toward a more normal hospital workplace, we take this moment to commend and show appreciation for our doctors and healthcare team. To all physicians, thank you for going above and beyond to care for patients during a most crucial time of need, often sacrificing time with your own families and putting yourself in the face of danger. We are proud of you and humbled by the generosity and grace given to our community through your work.

Kendra Aucker is president and CEO of Evangelical Community Hospital.


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