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One Tough Girl

July 17, 2014 - Chris Masse
My daughter Katie hates thunderstorms. Because she is afraid of them she told me earlier today that means she is like our dog who is scared of his own shadow.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I told Katie that everybody is afraid of something. Her dad is afraid of: bats, snakes, failure, letting her down, letting the family down, the Orioles blowing their four-game first-place lead, the 49ERS breaking my heart in the playoffs yet again...That does not make me a wimp...well maybe it does, but Katie is anything but. She is young but is as tough as anyone I know. I told her this earlier today but I don't think Katie believed me. Maybe if I write it she will.

Katie you are tough because you faced adversity before you were ever born and came out strong. You have grown stronger every day. You were born seven weeks early and spent an extra 13 days at the hospital but have continued amazing your mom and I from Day 1. Doctors told us everything that could go wrong because you were being born premature but you have hurdled every obstacle in front of you and have gone above and beyond what some said you would do and accomplish.

Katie you are tough because you try you're absolute best at everything and refuse to back down whether in the classroom or on the soccer field. You are tough because no matter how tired you are, you never stop hustling on the soccer field and you give every ounce of energy you have to do your best and help your team. That not only makes you tough, but makes you a champion in my book.

Katie you are tough because you give everything you have in school to do well, get good grades and help others. You go all-out to make your parents, teachers and school proud. You are tough because you go the extra mile with your reading and never give up when challenges come your way.

And Katie, with everything you have encountered the last two years, you are as tough as nails. The previous two years you watched your mother battle kidney problems and go through the process that is testing for and ultimately receiving a new kidney. You watched as both your parents went through this process and had surgery last summer, one receiving a kidney, the other donating one. The whole time you never complained. You never once asked what was happening to your summer. When others were going to the beach and having fun-filled vacations you were dealing with your parents having surgery and being unable to do as much with you as we would have liked.

You may not have known it Katie, but your strength, your toughness provided me motivation and inspiration through the whole process. And again, as your mother, your hero, starts the process of receiving a new pancreas you continue being a pillar of strength. You have handled things adults have trouble dealing with, your father included, with grace and honor and that is the epitome of toughness.

Never put yourself down Katie because you are a beautiful, strong and tough little girl. You make your mom and I proud every day. Everyone has fears but you have shown tremendous poise in the face of things that rattle others.

I admire tough and courageous people. And Katie, that means you are daddy's hero.


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Jul-21-14 1:12 AM

Oh my God, Chris!! Godspeed to Missy, Katie, and you.


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