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Release of county police dispatches: Overdue action

September 25, 2016 Being transparent as a public official is as simple as objectively executing what is already in a law or an operations manual. more »»

Under Obama, politics makes for stranger bedfellows than ever

September 24, 2016 Politics has made stranger bedfellows under President Barack Obama than at any other time during recent memory. more »»

Pension obligation underscores city's tough budget task

September 23, 2016 Eight years ago, city of Williamsport pension obligations to policemen, firemen and office employees totaled $1.8 millio. more »»

Safety of Route 220 ultimately depends on motorists’ habits

September 22, 2016 Route 220 in the Linden area was the scene of two fatal accidents in two days last week. more »»

Sunbury Pipeline: Project hits all the natural gas levers

September 21, 2016 Construction started recently on the 35-mile Sunbury Pipeline in Shamokin Dam. It is the kind of project we hope will become commonplace in our region for a variety of reasons. more »»

New AG performs expected purge; Harder step next

September 20, 2016 Pennsylvania lawmakers quickly approved Bruce Beemer as the state’s new attorney general, returning to the state Capitol from summer recess and unanimously approving Gov. Tom Wolf’s nomination. more »»

White Death shows true depth of heroin’s evil alliance

September 19, 2016 First Huntington, W.Va. Then Cincinnati, Ohio. Now Louisville, Ky. An epidemic that might be called the White Death is sweeping that region of the countr. more »»

City police log changes fall short of public’s needs

September 18, 2016 he Williamsport police department has changed its policy on the release of police dispatch reports – sort of. The city police stopped providing the Sun-Gazette with daily “police logs” on Feb. more »»

There is no sense to Obama’s latest prison commutations

September 17, 2016 Recently, President Barack Obama wielded that infamous pen of his to commute the sentences of 111 federal prisoners convicted of drug offenses. more »»

Council correctly questions mayor’s illogical police move

September 16, 2016 The city of Williamsport hired a career state police leader, David J. Young, to replace "retiring" Police Chief Gregory A. Foresman in the sprin. more »»

State appeals court properly rules for Penn College prof

September 15, 2016 A state appeals court has ruled the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board erred when it refused to investigate a Penn College professor’s complaint involving use of teacher union dues to promote the... more »»

Lycoming Township takes proactive stance on cannabis sales

September 14, 2016 The Lycoming Township supervisors took some forward-thinking action last week. Medicinal marijuana is now legalized throughout the state of Pennsylvani. more »»

Motorcycle ride carries timeless messages with it

September 13, 2016 The 9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride is more than just thousands of rumbling, motorized machines. Make no mistake, the rolling memorial that started in Montgomery at 3 p.m. more »»

Best consumer help against EpiPen greed is real competition

September 12, 2016 In 2014 and 2015, Mylan Pharmaceuticals made more than $1 billion on its EpiPen. Of the more than 1,400 products the drug giant markets, the Epipen was its shining star. Until recentl. more »»

Judge Raup: Caring, humble, wise, and uniquely impactful

September 11, 2016 Judge Thomas C. Raup, who died recently, made an impact on lives that is so large and broad-ranging that it is difficult to put in a box. So we won't try. more »»

2017 will bring next level of deterioration of flawed Obamacare

September 10, 2016 A few years ago, the Heritage Foundation published an analysis of the top 10 Obamacare promises broken — or soon to be broken. more »»

Pay raises illustrate difference between public, private sectors

September 9, 2016 So government leaders – Democrat and Republican alike – in Pennsylvania talk consistently about the need to keep the state budget from running in the red and long-term debt. more »»

Bill for city levee costs should be a shared payment

September 8, 2016 The city of Williamsport has gotten an $8.6 million bill from the federal government for work necessary to recertify the flood levee that protects it and surrounding municipalities. more »»

Police dispatch reports don’t end council investigation

September 4, 2016 A City Council review has determined that the discontinuation of published police logs in the Sun-Gazette is not related to calls to Mayor Gabriel J. Campana’s house. That’s encouraging. more »»

A modest step toward keeping government out of bedrooms

September 3, 2016 Many, probably most, Americans agree government ought to stay out of our bedrooms. That is a reference to laws attempting to regulate private behavior including sex. more »»

Virginia governor gets slick on Hillary’s behalf

September 3, 2016 Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, an old friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton, tried to do her a favor about a month ago. more »»



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