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Prison overcrowding: Day reporting center a serious solution

December 5, 2013 The numbers speak to Lycoming County's prison population problems There are 2,500 commitments to the Lycoming County Prison every yea. more »»

State highway bill bolsters Thruway, Route 220 corridor

December 4, 2013 Gov. Tom Corbett put his signature on a $2.3 billion transportation bill this past week, the final step toward the most ambitious road and bridge improvement plan in Pennsylvania in decades. more »»

Versatility will keep natural gas industry thriving in region

December 3, 2013 There are 4,000 natural gas wells producing energy in our region right now. There are another 1,000 drilled but still waiting to go online. more »»

Right-to-Know Project underscores our role for 21st Century public

December 1, 2013 Today begins the Sun-Gazette’s Right-to-Know Project, a vital series that will focus on public information we are confident you can’t get from any other media. more »»

City codes, pensions deserve in-depth exam in city budget talks

November 30, 2013 Discussions over the City of Williamsport’s budget start Monday night and, at first glance, appear to be rather predictable. Mayor Gabriel J. Campana is proposing a $2. more »»

Lycoming County's budget standing cause for future concern

November 29, 2013 Lycoming County is staring at another no-tax-hike budget for 2014. That's the good news. But look at the numbers. It is a $98.9 million spending plan supported by $85.2 million in projected revenue. more »»

Thanks doesn't come naturally, but it is never out of style

November 28, 2013 Each year we get to this day of Thanksgiving from a different route. Such is the rhythm of each year, ruled by each day's happenings and consequences. more »»

'Nuclear option' a dangerous route for Senate to take

November 27, 2013 Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has force fed President Obama’s agenda with an iron fist, preferring a politically edged dictatorship over facilitation for consensus. more »»

Obama's avoidance of Gettysburg Address commemoration puzzling

November 27, 2013 We won’t try to read the mind of President Obam. more »»

Gambling at bars a double-edged measure for state

November 26, 2013 When state government needs money, concessions are made. The latest concession will allow small games of chance in thousands of bars in Pennsylvania. more »»

One senator's stab at accountability

November 25, 2013 Liberal lawmakers are upset U.S. Sen. David Vitter is blocking action on an important bill intended to help keep track of prescription medicines. But Vitter, R-La., has a good point. more »»

The state highway bill: Expensive, but necessary now

November 24, 2013 The legislative language says that Pennsylvania’s transportation bill approved this past week will provide more than $2.3 billion a year for roads, bridges and mass transit system. more »»

Don't fall for the Mideast con job – again

November 23, 2013 Barack Obama is not the first U.S. president to be taken in by con games pursued by other world leaders. more »»

50 years later, we remember Camelot, and what it meant

November 22, 2013 The trappings of the presidency of John F. Kennedy were branded Camelot. It was a fitting term to capture the time of the youthful president in the Oval Office. more »»

A success story becoming reality at Brodart site

November 21, 2013 The south side of the 1600 block of Memorial Avenue in Williamsport is just a pile of dirt and rubble right now. more »»

Business-school partnerships more vital than ever

November 20, 2013 Some leaders of the Williamsport Area School District held roundtable discussions over breakfast with business leaders last week. The productive roundtables were education with a twist. more »»

Time for state to finally solve its transportation woes

November 19, 2013 It's not a stretch to say Pennsylvania's roads and bridges may be in greater need of repair and modernization than any state roads in the country. more »»

Filipinos deserve all the aid country can muster

November 18, 2013 Whenever anyone in the world is suffering from a massive natural disaster, Americans are among the first to send aid. That is as it should be. more »»

Can the country be rescued from Obamacare mess?

November 17, 2013 We now have a number – 26,794 – to quantify the embarrassment that the strong-armed national health care law is. more »»



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