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End of shutdown, Obamacare rollout are solving nothing

October 26, 2013 So the 16-day partial shutdown of the federal government has been over 10 days since Congress got to the edge of yet another cliff and decided to run back to flat land. more »»

Will prevailing wage law hold up state transportation bill?

October 25, 2013 A rare meeting of state House and Senate leaders Tuesday was a signal that the Legislature is getting close to approving a transportation bill to improve Pennsylvania’s hurting road and bridge system. more »»

School property tax changes; Debate, but with caution

October 24, 2013 We are pretty confident that almost every property owner in the region believes their property taxes are much too high. That’s mostly due to high school property taxe. more »»

Community must declare war on heroin to beat it

October 23, 2013 Anyone who doesn’t think the intensified presence of heroin and other drugs in our area doesn’t present a chilling threat to our population needs to reread what the Rev. Ronald S. more »»

Latest numbers more validation for state store privatization

October 22, 2013 The latest numbers tell you all you need to know about whether liquor privatization for Pennsylvania is viewed as something that should be don. more »»

Don't expect full disclosure on recent coup in Libya

October 21, 2013 U.S. special forces’ capture of a notorious al-Qaida leader in Libya has been hailed as a coup in the war against terrorists. more »»

Corbett not giving up his fight for three top priorities

October 20, 2013 If you are waiting for Gov. Tom Corbett to wave the white flag on his three priorities in the final year of his term, give it up. more »»

The correct way to investigate mine safety transgressions

October 19, 2013 Federal Mine Safety and Health Administration investigtors have not moved quickly enough in cases involving possible criminal behavior leading to mine safety violations, the Labor Department’s... more »»

Getting to the heart of rental property, drug trade problem

October 18, 2013 Pushing hard for a Williamsport rental ordinance holding landlords accountable for their properties, city crime officials were successful with their compelling case to City Council last week... more »»

Economic growth the bright spot spot of Corbett's tenure

October 17, 2013 In many political circles, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett is viewed as vulnerable in next year's electio. more »»

County highway plan: Correct priorities, with bags attached to funds

October 16, 2013 Lycoming County has a 20-year transportation plan. It was approved at last week’s Williamsport Area Transportation Study meeting. The plan reveals achievement over recent decades. more »»

Panel gets earful on the outdated prevailing wage law

October 15, 2013 The state House Labor and Industry Committee got an earful at a recent public hearing locally on the prevailing wage reform. more »»

More evidence some bureaucrats lack common sense

October 14, 2013 Part of the reason so many Americans are fed up with government in general is that too often bureaucrats display a complete lack of common sense. During World War II, Joe McGrain of Rochester, N.. more »»

Petty, embarrassing fallout on three fronts from partial shutdown

October 13, 2013 There is plenty of blame due both major political parties and all the major wings of our federal governing apparatus for the partial shutdown of our government. more »»

The annual deficit is less – thanks to the taxpayers

October 12, 2013 In arguing for bigger government, including the national health insurance takeover, President Barack Obama is being more than a little dishonest. more »»

The conflict between poll numbers and shutdown realities

October 11, 2013 U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson, a Howard Republican who represents much of our region, isn’t taking his salary during the partial federal government shutdown. more »»

Memorial Park pool appears to have a future in the city

October 10, 2013 It appears the City of Williamsport is ready to salvage the Memorial Park pool. Mayor Gabriel J. Campana is requesting $250,000 from City Council to pay for repairs to reopen the pool by 2015. more »»

Caving in on the debt ceiling won't solve the problems

October 9, 2013 As the partial shutdown of the government collides with an alleged deadline for raising the debt limit, the tap dance goes something like this: The Republican-controlled House of Representatives... more »»

Lycoming County has unique asset in mental health court

October 8, 2013 Three people had a very important graduation recently. It didn’t fit the norm, but it deserves attention. The trio graduated from the Lycoming County Mental Health Court progra. more »»

Health care law is fine – if others have to use it

October 7, 2013 Liberals in Congress might have been more interested in delaying Obamacare if they and their staffs had to cope with anything like it. But they do not. more »»



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