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Throwing tax money away

August 22, 2016 Once again there is another article about local County government spending more tax money on the airport terminal. As one of the "Soon to be Dead", i.e. more »»

Are Republicans hypocrites?

August 22, 2016 ]It seems that some Republicans are going against Donald Trump because he calls life the way he sees it. more »»

What city needs

August 21, 2016 This election season has been an educational experience for American voters, who’ve learned that on the national level our democracy is highly imperfect, and not nearly as representative as we’d like. more »»

Evangelicals and Trump

August 21, 2016 No matter who’s running for president, Evangelical Christians always seem to have a problem fully supporting the candidate. As Christians, we want to see the world prospe. more »»

Not sustainable

August 21, 2016 After reading the letter from Dr. David Keller, referring to the Williamsport Area School District that appeared in the Aug 14 Sun Gazette, I would like to reflect upon it. more »»

Prioritize levy

August 21, 2016 On Page 1 of the Wednesday Sun-Gazette there were two articles right next to each other. The first article reported that the City of Williamsport will need $8.6 million to re-certify the levee system. more »»

Government and flossing

August 21, 2016 I must respond to the United States Health and Human Services omitting of flossing as a recommendation to patients based on their perceived absence of research. more »»

Dismal election cycle

August 21, 2016 In 1935, physicist Erwin Schrödinger, in an attempt to prove the existence of matter in two different states at one time, devised an experiment whereby a cat was placed in a locked box which also... more »»

id anyone notice?

August 20, 2016 While the Democrats are screaming about guns, does anyone notice that President Obama granted clemency to hundreds of drug dealers who were caught with drugs and guns. more »»


August 20, 2016 Let me preface this letter by stating that I am in no way anti-cyclist, but that being said, I have a question. more »»

Remember Adlai

August 20, 2016 The Democrats would do well to rely on the incisive wit of Adlai Stevenson to bolster their arguments with humor and grace. more »»

The wrong approach

August 19, 2016 For the ones deciding to give Social Security a raise of about $2 a month in 2017, possibly enough to buy a gallon of gas: Well, gas did not taste good in 1984, nor does it taste good in 2016. more »»

End of story

August 19, 2016 Here is a fine example of trade agreement products sold in the United States. I bought a new refrigerator this month and much to my dismay, the cord was a foot too short to attach to the outle. more »»

No way

August 19, 2016 What are people thinking when they think Hillary Clinton would be a better president than Donald Trump. I’m a Democrat, and there is no way I will vote for Clinton. more »»

Visionary thinking

August 17, 2016 In the words of three remarkable people, whether you agree or disagree, these people seemed to understan. more »»

Shook his hand

August 17, 2016 After four hours of waiting in Mechanicsburg High School for Mr. Trump to show up, we were stiff at times, but it was well worth it. more »»


August 17, 2016 Granted, not everyone has the same thought patterns as me. Still, I’m concerned over the extensive report in today’s copy of your newspaper. more »»

The land of Oz

August 17, 2016 I’m a total conservative Republican but I felt compelled to watch the Democratic convention. more »»

Short memory

August 17, 2016 Donald Trump has proclaimed President Obama to be the founder of ISIS because he pulled our troops out on December 16, 2011. more »»

Be kind, courteous

August 17, 2016 Maybe that reporter just wanted Trump’s attention. He sure got it! We are all human. There is not one person alive that has not made fun of someone at some time. more »»



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