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June 19, 2016 To the liberals who call Donald Trump a racist for his remarks on not allowing so many Muslims and others into this country, and building a wall: Does not the "White House" have a fence around it?... more »»

Not much good news

June 19, 2016 Take a look at what is published daily in the Sun-Gazette and it will give the Beloved Community Council and the Heart of Williamsport plenty of reasons not to host a roundtable titled, “What Do You... more »»


June 19, 2016 On June 11 the Notre Dame Club of Greater Williamsport held its 20th year anniversary dinner celebration at the Williamsport Country Club. more »»

What might have been

June 19, 2016 pressed by the recent series on Social Security. It covered the subject well, but with two shortfalls. more »»

Mayor should resign

June 19, 2016 In 2016, Watsontown moved forward under new leadership with a new Council President, Janet Rump, three new council members, a new borough manager and police chief. more »»

Disputing claim

June 18, 2016 dispute what the media and Mr. Obama have claimed, that the shooting in Orlando this past weekend is not the worst mass shooting in history, not even by a long shot. more »»


June 18, 2016 Here we go again, another big foul up. The VA wrongly declared 4,200 veterans as dead and their checks stopped. more »»

Tip of the hat

June 18, 2016 A ‘tip of the hat’ to Jon Smith for his excellent letter that appeared in the June 9 edition of this pape. more »»

It’s the law!

June 15, 2016 As I was waiting for my ride on Grampian Boulevard, I saw so many people texting and driving. They had to slow down to make a turn into an office and some almost didn’t get stoppe. more »»


June 15, 2016 I would like a very smart person to answer a question I have: Would President Obama have signed the transgender law if his two daughters went to public school? David Frye Arnot ... more »»

Building a wall

June 15, 2016 Building a wall on our borders with Mexico seems like a waste of time and money to me. more »»

A salute

June 15, 2016 I salute Jon Smith on his letter, “The Queen of Pander.” of Hillary Clinton. And I am pleading to everybody who reads Mr. Smith’s article, don’t vote for Hillary Clinto. more »»

Chesapeake Bay

June 14, 2016 Every time we read an article about the Bay, it appears the solution to Bay problems is for Pennsylvania citizens to spend money. more »»

Bern equals Burn

June 14, 2016 What’s our country coming to when people were seriously considering electing a Democratic Socialist for President? Maybe the problem is that people don’t know what a Democratic Socialist is. more »»

Lesser evil?

June 13, 2016 Mr. Clifford Reiders ended a one thousand word article entitled "Who is the lesser of two evils" without giving an answer to his question. My answer is Hillary Clinto. more »»

Never Trump? Dumb

June 13, 2016 Mona Charen's column in Wednesday’s paper suggests that remaining a part of the "Never Trump" crowd is not being disloyal and "it's the only way to safeguard conservatism". more »»

The solution

June 12, 2016 A new day is dawning in north central Pennsylvania as citizens step up in opposition of the heroin epidemi. more »»


June 12, 2016 Recently a letter to the editor from David Hontz appeared about an out-of-court insurance settlement with former Public Works Supervisor Scott Winters on March 28, 2016. more »»

A calling to serve?

June 12, 2016 As a fervent opponent of the so-called “Common Sense” candidates who make up the majority of the Montoursville Area District School Board of Directors, I had received backlash in the past from some... more »»

Childish behavior

June 12, 2016 I would like to respond to the Pennsylvania Fiscal Conservatives group from Montoursville in regards to their latest tirade. I am appalled by the childish behavior of the newly elected board. more »»



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