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Iraq – again?

April 13, 2016 Recently I listened to a popular American entertainer give a shout-out to "our fighting men in Iraq." The entertainer was comedian Bob Hope, in a radio broadcast during World War II. more »»

Rebooting the CAC

April 13, 2016 Regarding the sudden departure of the new CAC director, if a current CAC worker can fill in and be in charge, why do they need to have such a lofty position with a lofty salary? Seems like a lot of... more »»

The true education costs

April 13, 2016 In response to the editorial "School districts on budget brink while Wolf stalls solutions", I have to ask why you are advocating the continuance of hiding the true costs of running our schools? ... more »»

Who do you trust?

April 13, 2016 A political phenomenon. A psychodrama between two political candidates with a past. more »»


April 11, 2016 I did read Tony White’s letter March 27. If Donald Trump accepts the mayor’s invitation to come to Williamsport, we should protest. more »»

Take down this flag

April 11, 2016 I was on Route 973 the other day and I saw something I don’t like. Someone who lives there has the Confederate battle flag flying in front of their house. more »»

Vets deserve better

April 11, 2016 I read your article regarding the Veterans Administration today and I have always felt that Veterans have gotten the shaft from our military and then the V. more »»

An ounce of cure?

April 11, 2016 At a recent drug abuse summit in Atlanta, President Obama made the statement, “the most important thing we can do is to reduce demand for drugs, and the only way we reduce demand is if we're... more »»

Our Trump card

April 11, 2016 I was offended and outraged by this letter by David Frye saying that Donald Trump is a little kid and does not know what he is talking about. I like Trump because he is macho and very masculine. more »»

Our son Matthew

April 10, 2016 Our family would like to thank the entire community of Williamsport. The support and friendship has been overwhelming. I personally would like to thank the Williamsport Bureau of Police, Det. more »»

Not much help

April 10, 2016 We have been active, productive members of this community for many years: In fact, for generations. What is happening to us at this moment is wrong. more »»

Gun rights threat

April 10, 2016 If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency and appoints Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, he and four other anti-rights justices, Ginsberg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagen, could reverse the Heller and... more »»

Long overdue

April 10, 2016 Recently I viewed a segment on a local news station concerning our Lycoming County Coroner, Charles Kiesling who ruled the manner of death in a recent drug overdose as homicide rather than as... more »»


April 10, 2016 In his letter, Tyler Smith asserts that creation science is a pseudo-science. more »»

Unity or division?

April 10, 2016 The turmoil of the past year within the Montoursville Area School District, along with the deeply destructive community division and the waste of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars that... more »»

Taken aback

April 10, 2016 Being a contributor to the “Footsteps to Follow” column in the Religion section of the Sun-Gazette, I often read that column to see what other fellow clergy have to say and generally I enjoy their... more »»

A tough problem

April 9, 2016 Most people in Williamsport would probably agree the city has a severe heroine problem resulting in an increase in drug related crime and death. more »»

Paging President Obama

April 9, 2016 He was missing in action again, while Brussels, Belgium, was being attacked he was in Havana, Cuba, attending a baseball game and bragging about the end of the Cold War, meanwhile there is a hot war... more »»


April 7, 2016 Donald Trump made the statement that women who get an abortion should be punished if Roe Vs Wade is ever revoked. more »»


April 7, 2016 If Donald Trump is elected to the White House, it will be going from the frying pan into the fire. more »»



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